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Treatment Plans

Blue Moon Acupuncture Pain and Wellness Center Offers Several Treatment Plan

A typical acupuncture treatment plan at Blue Moon Acupuncture and Pain Center starts with the first few visits happening in quick succession (within 6-9 days). These sessions provide invaluable information about how well the patient responds to acupuncture and allow the practitioner to create a treatment plan best fitted for the patient.

Once a patient no longer has symptoms, the treatment frequency is reduced. It is important to note that treatment plans do not conclude after symptoms have gone away. Relieving symptoms is not always an indication that the underlying problem has been resolved. Recovery is a multi-step process that includes various phases of recovery. 

After the appropriate treatment plan option is created and understood, the frequency and duration of treatment sessions can be estimated/determined. Usually, treatment plans will involve approximately 2-3 sessions a week, but this may vary depending on the issues and severity of problems needed to be treated.

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